Modernization of Electric Distribution Utilities Drives Advanced Distribution Management Systems Deployment

The drive for advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) among utility providers has stemmed from the need for advanced software platforms to meet the complex challenges of electricity distribution. Growing regulatory pressures on optimizing electricity distribution particularly optimizing the operations of the distribution grids is bolstering the need for platform such as ADMS. ADMS helps in automating outage restoration and meeting the requirements of electricity demand management during peak times. More prominently, the ADMS market has gained growth on the back of the adoption of renewables in the overall energy mix, which has created the need for improving grid structures.

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Widespread adoption of digital grids boosting demand

Strides being made in the deployment of microgrid are propelling the demand for ADMS.  The microgrid structure has especially earned attention of electric vehicles vendors and stakeholders. This is because, this has propelled advances in electric vehicles deployment.

Rise in instances in network outages is a key factor that has spurred interest of utility providers in the ADMS market. Rising numbers of utility companies adopting advanced distribution management systems framework is boosting the prospects in the ADMS market. Widespread adoption of digital grids in numerous countries to modernize electric distribution utilities has further imparted momentum to the expansion of the ADMS market.

The growing popularity of distributed energy resource (DER) management has spurred interest in ADMS frameworks in the developed world. This has also led to reduction of carbon energy footprints of the electric power distribution companies. Overall, the demand for reliable energy management is unlocking new, promising prospects in the ADMS market. Governments and public agencies are leaning on delivering high value to grids in provisioning to the adoption of clean energy.

Some of the lucrative regions in the ADMS market are Asia Pacific and North America. The Asia Pacific market has gained robust momentum on the back of growing number of government projects in several of its economies.

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