MIT Researchers Found New Way to Provide Cooling without Power

In a recent study conducted by researchers from MIT, they have come up with a new means of cooling on a hot sunny day. The study is innovative as the means they have used an inexpensive materials that doesn’t fossil fuel-generated power. Unlike remote locations where a high-tech version of a parasol is used, this passive system can be used to supplement other cooling systems.

The new study was published in journal Nature Communications. Bikram Bhatia research scientist, Arny Leroy graduate student, Marin Soljacic professor of physics, Evelyn Wang department head and professor of mechanical engineering, and six others at the MIT were involved in the study.

New Systems to be Cost-Effective and can be Easily Used

In this system, the researchers have used very simple materials and at a relatively low cost, that increases the scope of higher demand for this system. They have used angular selectivity to enable blocking of the direct sun rays. The intention behind this was to constantly release the heat-carrying wavelengths to the sky.

On the other hand, different groups have tried to develop passive cooling systems. Their idea was to radiate heat in the form of mid-infrared wavelengths of light. However, these systems rely on complex engineered photonic devices. These devices are expensive and are not freely accessible for larger use.

Humidity Might Restrict Effective Working of this System

Humidity present in the atmosphere may limit the working of this system, as it can block some infrared emission through the air. For instance, in the place like Boston, which is relatively humid and is close to the ocean, it might limit the cooling to about 20 degrees Celsius. However, in drier environments, the highest achievable cooling could actually be much greater, approximately 40o Celsius.

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