Microsoft presents new solution to detect and arrest ransomware attacks

Windows operating system of Microsoft comes with a powerful malware and antivirus protection in the form of Microsoft Defender. In the years, the software has evolved to be a capable security service for desktop computer systems. However, in the past years, new threats like ransomware has emerged that has taken several companies to a shock.

Unfortunately, the ransomware attacks have challenged solutions available till date.

However, online services of various companies are now adapting to better detect ransomware attacks in advance. Microsoft has introduced a new machine learning based protection system against ransomware for customers who use its Azure platform.

Meanwhile, in a blog post, Microsoft explained that its Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center and the Azure team have joined hands to create the Fusion Detection. Specifically, this is for tools that rely on ML to detect and protection from threats in advance. The system will leverage the capability to identify threat from ransomware to act in an effective manner.

The tool will be able to detect threat ahead of time before it corrupts the system, stated the company. Importantly, this is because ML-based system can find malware at the time it tries to escape detection, can detect security loopholes, and execute dangerous commands for an effect on the system.

While, the tool may not exactly work for prevention, it appears to be much more effective for attacks that are difficult to be detected otherwise.

Furthermore, the tool will collect data from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Azure Defender service, and other relevant services for prevention of false positives. After all, the basis of detection of the tool is behavior based.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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