Microscope Converted into Thermometer by Newly Enhanced Glass Side

Microscope slide, a centuries-old tool has been described in the Nature Communications journal to help see tiny objects as well as measure their temperature with its updated version. Published on May 2, 2018, the study was led by the University at Buffalo’s Department of Biomedical Engineering assistant professor, Ruogang Zhao, PhD along with other authors. Enabled by a new transparent, the advancement is expected to have implications in electronics, computers, scientific research, and other industries. Whether in high school chemistry classes or clandestine government biology labs, scientific research conducted globally could be enhanced and streamlined with the help of the advancement.

National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation Supported Research with Funding

The new coating developed by the researchers is a big step toward combining tools that measure heat and those that magnify incredibly small objects, said Zhao. Sandwiched between two transparent gold layers, a layer of acrylic glass was primarily used in the production of the coating. With a view to allow “exceptional points” to be developed within the tri-layered structure, the coating was fabricated by engineers who were part of the research. Zhao had collaborated with electrical and systems engineering and materials science and engineering assistant professor, Liang Feng, PhD of the University of Pennsylvania and also with other researchers.

During the manufacturing process, the coating would be added to slides to improve their sensitivity to light detection. Capable of being seamlessly integrated with most microscopes, a common helium-neon laser could be required to use the coating. As Zhao said, the coating would possibly add a few pennies to the close to a US$0.05 cost of common slides ordered in bulk.

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