Microgrid as a Service Market to Witness Promising Growth in APAC

San Francisco, California, Nov 01, 2017: A recent market research report by TMR research presents a thorough analytical overview of the global microgrid as a service (MaaS) market. With the support of factors such as increased government and private investments aimed at the development of microgrid infrastructure and the continuous rise in demand for reliable electricity supply across a number of countries, the global MaaS market is expected to exhibit growth at a promising pace in the near future. The report is titled “Microgrid as a Service (MaaS) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

The demand for improved MaaS infrastructure is expected to further rise in the near future owing to the significant rise in the number of remote localities, healthcare facilities, and education institutes across the globe. Besides, the installation of microgrids does not require heavy upfront costs from the end users, which is attracting a large number of users to the infrastructure. Furthermore, the operations costs of microgrid infrastructure are also curbed at an impressive rate over the years of usage. These factors are expected to lead to developments at a significant pace in the global microgrid as a service market in the near future.

The report projects that a high level of competition is expected to be seen between grid-connected and islanded markets in the near future, wherein the islanded grid market is projected to take the lead in the next few years. The islanded or remote grid segment is likely to witness developments at a promising pace in the near future as demand for energy from remote locations in developing and under-developed countries across the globe has increased at a massive pace in the recent years and is expected to remain high in the near future as well.

From a geographical perspective, the report analyzes the MaaS market across regions such as North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East and Africa. Of these, the market in Asia Pacific is projected to dominate the global market, driven on the back of the increased demand for constant and reliable supply of electricity in emerging economies in the region.

Moreover, the region has witnessed a significant rise in private and public investments aimed at the improvement of microgrid infrastructure in countries with thriving industrial sectors and a rising population with high disposable incomes. As a result, the Asia Pacific market is projected to remain at the leading position in terms of growth rate and revenue opportunities for the MaaS market among other regional markets studied in the report. More opportunities are projected to arise in the region from the massive rate of consumption of power and the vast applications of MaaS in the areas of rural electrification and industrial applications. Market vendors can expect availability of promising growth avenues in the developing economies of the region that are witnessing a positive development in the fields of industrialization and power infrastructure.

The report also presents a detailed overview of the competitive landscape of the global microgrid as a service market, including thorough insights into the recent developments in the recent times and their impact on the overall growth prospects of the market in the near future. The level of competition in the market is steadily intensifying and it has become critical for vendors to focus more on strategic collaborations, acquisitions, introduction of innovative products, and widening of geographical outreach. Some of the leading companies in the market are General Electric, Eaton Corporation PLC, Siemens AG, Exelon Corporation, and ABB Ltd.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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