Micro Server IC Market to Thrive on Rising Demand for Data Centres Worldwide

The global micro server IC market is being driven by rising demand for data centres in both developing as well as developed countries. Multiple micro server ICs along with applications for micro server ICs are needed in data centres. Over the past few years, the scale of multiple device applications and video files has grown dramatically. Over the past few years, the number of internet users has also risen exponentially. Rise in internet traffic necessitates the construction of additional data centres. In the near future, it is estimated that augmented demand for data centres will trigger growth of the the global micro server IC market.

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Small storage space, on the other hand, is a major stumbling block for the micro server IC industry. The majority of big businesses have a huge amount of data to process and store. Owing to their limited capacity to store data, micro server ICs are not suited for handling huge volumes of data. Many large businesses would undoubtedly choose standard enterprise class servers over micro server ICs because they are more equipped to manage large amounts of data. These factors are likely to leave considerable impact on the expansion of the global micro server IC market in the years to come.

Cost Effective Aspect of the Micro Server ICs to Accentuate Demand in the Market

Micro servers make use of less energy and take up less volume than conventional high-end servers. These servers focus on low integrated circuits (ICs) similar to those used in commercial PCs (personal computer. In addition to that, the consumption of energy by stripped-back silicon in micro servers is much lower than the 90-W-plus TDP (thermal design power) of processors within high-end servers. Micro server chips usually have a TDP of less than 45 W and may be as low as 10 W. Lower consumption of power translates to reduced operating costs, rendering them more cost-effective for computational jobs. Micro servers have the benefit of using less resources and taking up less volume than conventional cloud systems, allowing businesses to fit more processing power within a given volume of space and using less power. This aids in the reduction of utility expenses, lowering data centre maintenance costs considerably. This factor is estimated to support development of the global micro server IC market in the years to come.

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