Micro Robots to Improve Drug Delivery

Drug-delivery is an important domain within the field of medicine. The discharge of drugs into the blood stream is an important activity during the healing process. Furthermore, several research organizations are focusing on developing new modes of drug delivery. A team of researchers at Thayer School of Engineering, University of Hong Kong are carrying out a similar research. Moreover, the team has developed a distinct shape-lifting robot for improved drug delivery. The micro robot may help in proper discharge of drugs into the blood stream. The robots will be capable of floating into the blood stream for improved drug delivery. Scientists are projecting this new technology as a forerunner to growth within medicine and drug delivery.

Transformability of Robots

The robot can transform its shape on exposure to infrared-light that penetrates the skin. The micro robot is made of 3D printed wings, light-sensitive gel, and cardiac tissues engineering tools. Further, the scientists expect the robots to exhibit commendable manoeuvrability due to their transformable nature. The researchers used transformable toy robots as the blueprint to develop micro robotic drug delivery agents. The team of researchers believes that the new technology could benefit masses across the world. The airplane-like wings of the micro robots help it to float through the blood stream.

Use of Hydro Gels

The use of photo-sensitive hydro gels plays a key role in controlling the movement of the robot. Furthermore, this also helps in propelling the heart cells forward. As a result, the new drug delivery technology may make key contributions to the domain of medicine.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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