Methyl Ester Sulfonate Market: Introduction of Biodegrade Substitute to Fuel Market

Methyl ester sulfonate is a strong substitute derived from conventional fossil-based surfactant such as linear alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAS). The compound is known for its several properties such as excellent biodegradability, detergency, and improved calcium hardness tolerance. That’s the reason it is widely used for the manufacturing of detergent. One of the other factor which is making methyl ester sulfonate better than substitute linear alkyl benzene is its cost effectiveness. A distinctive methyl ester sulfonate market exists from a global perspective.

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Fluctuating Price of Crude Oil to Impede Methyl Ester Sulfonate Market Growth

However, despite several favourable properties, methyl ester sulfonate market also has several disadvantages. The compound is characterized by low foam formation properties in detergent, due to this detergent manufacturer have to mix additional substitute to make detergent more effective. This is increasing costs of end product thereby hampering the demand for methyl ester sulfonate. This is a strong factor expected to hinder the growth of the methyl ester sulfonate market. Apart from this, the manufacturing of the methyl ester sulfonate involves mixing of several compound that are harmful for environment. Stringent governmental regulation towards the discharge of chemical compound is another factor impeding methyl ester sulfonate market.

Nevertheless, to overcome these factors players are looking forwards for the players are looking towards the biodegrade compounds for the manufacturing of the methyl ester sulfonate. For instance, now a day’s players are offering methyl ester sulfonate manufactured with palm oil and coconut oil. This eco-friendly methyl ester sulfonate serves as an environmental friendly and viable alternative other linear alkyl benzene.

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Apart from low toxicity and biodegradability, the bio based methyl ester sulfonate is known for several other properties such as higher solubility than fatty alcohol sulphate . This is a prominent factor expected to drive the global methyl ester sulfone market in the coming few years.

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