Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market Insights and Emerging Trends by 2028

The market demand for medical nonwoven disposables industry is on the rise, owing to rising popularity of nonwoven and disposable solutions, due to their ability to offer enhanced hygiene conditions, as well as their ability to offer the decreased chance of unwanted contamination. The rising demand in the medical nonwoven disposables market can also be attributed to various advantages provided by these products and solutions, including increased safety, higher protection for the healthcare professionals, and availability of high quality materials and fabrics in the recent years. Additionally, the rise in the frequency of hospital acquired infections is yet another driver for the expansion of the medical nonwoven disposables market.

The medical nonwoven disposables market expansion is anticipated to be triggered in the coming years, owing to the presence of several key factors, including the rising advancements in the healthcare and medical technologies, rising demand for advanced techniques in the domain of effective wound dressing, and an increase in the number of initiatives started by the governments across the globe, supplementing the manufacture and development of new and enhanced nonwoven fabrics for medical industry. Additionally, the nonwoven medical products offer an enhanced scope for protection against hospital acquired infections. The danger of acquiring an infection is approximately 2.5 times more through the usage of woven products, as opposed to medical nonwoven disposable products. 

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Rising Demand for Surgical Products Fuels Development of Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market

The key market segments in medical nonwoven disposables industry, based on the type of product, include surgical products (such as gowns, masks, drapes, and caps, among others), incontinence products (such as diapers, as well as under pads), and wound dressings (such as tapes, operative wound dressings, bandages, post-operative wound dressings, and dressing pads). Amongst these, the surgical products, such as drapes and gowns, are leading the medical nonwoven disposables market in terms of demand. This trend is also bolstered by the rising demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures all over the world. 

Some of the key types of materials used to manufacture the products and solutions in the medical nonwoven disposables market include polyethylene, rayon, acrylic, polypropylene, acetate, and polyamides and polyesters, among others. Furthermore, the emergence of bio-based polymers is anticipated to provide the largest opportunity for medical nonwoven disposables market in the near future. This, as well as the rising trend in the chemicals and materials industries to come up with new and innovative materials is anticipated to favor the expansion of the medical nonwoven disposables market in the coming years.

Increasing Demand from Hospitals & Home Healthcare Propels Growth in Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market

A few of the most prominent end users for the products and solutions offered by the manufacturers in the medical nonwoven disposables market include nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, consumer and home healthcare, and ambulatory surgical centers. The demand within the medical nonwoven disposables market is particularly high in the end use settings, such as hospitals, as well as consumer and home healthcare segments. The increase in the rate of hospitalization, advent of COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising need to put a stop to the rising number of hospital acquired infections, are some of the major drivers, influencing the development of the hospitals as end users in the global medical nonwoven disposables market. 

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The landscape of the medical nonwoven disposables market is filled with a large number of multi-national, as well as regional manufacturers and players. Some of these include Medline industries, Inc., Paul Hartmann AG, Medtronic PLC, Freudenberg & Co. KG, Domtar Corporation, Kimberly- Clark Corporation, Molnlycke Health Care, Ahlstrom Munksjo, Asahi Kasei Corporation, and Essity AB, among others.

The leading participants and stakeholders in the medical nonwoven disposables market are focusing on development of new and innovative products. Certain manufacturers in the medical nonwoven disposables market are investing in the development of enhanced surgical products that can facilitate accelerated healing, in the minimally invasive surgical settings.

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