Medical Devices Outsourcing Market to Reach US$40.8 bn by 2018, Increased Demand for Quality Healthcare Drives Growth

The global medical devices outsourcing market is driven by rising demand for quality healthcare services, ongoing developments in the field of medical technology, and parallel operational requirements to cut costs for long term sustainability.The global market, which is seeing a rising trend of services and product outsourcing by leading global players to small and specialized service providers in emerging markets, is broadly categorized into product outsourcing and services outsourcing markets.

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The rapid rise in the spending capacity of individuals across the world has increased the demand for quality healthcare, enforcing companies operating in the medical devices industry to pay more attention towards the advancements of technologies to improve patients’ overall experience. This factor has created a serious need to outsource secondary operations in the medical devices supply chain, states the market report.

In this research study, the global market for medical devices has been studied on the basis of application, service, and its regional distribution. Based on application, the market is classified into Class I medical devices, Class II medical devices, and Class III medical devices.

By service, the study categorizes the market into regulatory consulting services, product design and development services, product testing services, product upgrade services, product implementation services, and product maintenance services.

On the regional basis, the report has segmented the global medical devices outsourcing market into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Of the regional markets, North America has emerged as the leader. The increasing costs of healthcare services have exponentially increased the demand for medical devices outsourcing in this region.

Additionally, the favorable medical insurance scenario is fueling the demand for quality medical and healthcare services, which is compelling healthcare providers to outsource these services, resulting in the significant growth of North America medical devices outsourcing market, notes the research study.

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