Medical Device Cleaning Market is likely to Observe Growth in Increasing Incidence of HAIs Worldwide

The increasing occurrence of acquired hospital infections or hospital acquired infections (HAI) is projected to be a prominent driver in continual expansion of the global medical device cleaning market in the near future. Some of the most frequent hospital-acquired infections are, for example, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), urinal tract infections (UTIs), bloodstream infection, and pneumonia. Other significant HAIs include UTI connected with catheters, pneumonia connected with fans and infections in the blood stream due to catheter.

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Hospital-acquired infections are thought to be amongst the most serious health issues influencing recovery process of a patient, and they have a significant influence on death rates across the world. According to the WHO’s practical advice on the prevention of HAIs, the duration of hospitalization for those with HAIs increases by about 8 days. Long stays contribute significantly to overall hospitalization expenses, increasing the clinical necessity of taking preventive interventions. Excessive use of resources to treat illnesses acquired is not also affordable for hospitals and health-care workers.

Rise in the Number of Diabetic Patients to Pave Way for Rapid Growth of the Market

These higher expenditures are primarily due to augmented consumption of medications, more use of laboratory equipment and diagnostic investigations resulting in a resource allocation imbalance. One of the biggest issues for hospitals is the increased danger of drug resistant pathogens, blood-borne infection, and as various other infectious agents in operating rooms.

Diabetic patients frequently suffer from severe UTIs, necessitating effective and regular treatment regimens, broadening the scope of growth for the infection control market. These considerations demonstrate the high clinical necessity to avoid infection at surgical sites and to make use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit consisting of wearables like surgical gloves. This factor is likely to play a significant role in the development of the global medical device cleaning market in the forthcoming years.

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