Medical Copper Tubing Systems See Rising Uptake in OTs and ICUs

medical copper tubing market

Copper has established as a material of choice for medical tubing in a range of applications in medical gases distribution networks. Key gases comprise carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrous oxide, and nitrogen. The popularity stems from the attractive mechanical and chemical characteristics copper has, making it as a popular medical-grade metal. Of note, copper is associated with several health benefits. The medical copper tubing market has seen new application areas or growing potential in old areas from continuous advances in copper manufacturing processes. Advent of new filler materials has helped improved the joining potential of copper-copper surfaces. 

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Products Increasingly Adhere to Compliance Requirements

Growing number of companies are adhering to range of compliance requirements, which essentially helped them to improve the safety, cleanliness, and operating conditions of medical copper tubing. Most notably, cleanliness requirements of the code plays an important role in expanding the potential of the medical copper tubing market. Key regulations include ASTM B819 and CSA.

Advances in installation and testing of medical gas piping systems in various developing regions is propelling growth of the medical copper tubing market. The systems are overwhelmingly used in hospitals, especially for patients in critical care settings. The need for uninterrupted supply of medical gases in critical settings in particular and operational theatre has bolstered the uptake of copper. Further, the medical copper tubing products are expected to be fueled by their application in diagnostics and lab settings.

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These piping systems insure an uninterrupted medical gas supply. In this regard, installers have shown significant regard for the cleaning of the valves, piping, and fittings. Moreover, the risk of recontamination is also a major concern, particularly in contact areas where plugs and caps are removed. A large impetus to the growth has come from North America, where copper producers have reaped large revenue gains.

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