Measures to Prevent Accidents of Children in Households stokes Demand for Child Resistant Sprayer

The demand for child resistant sprayer is poised to continue to continue to escalate in the years ahead. Firstly, increasing number of working parents who do not have adequate time to look after their children need to rely on external objects for safety. This stokes demand for child resistant sprayer.

Child resistant sprayer is a reliable way to keep toxic products away from the reach of children. Common products in a household that are toxic are bleach, certain medicinal fluids, gardening pesticides, and cleaners mostly available in the form of a spray. To avoid accidents, especially when children are unattended, the safety technology of child resistant spray is serving to be useful, thereby fuelling the child resistant sprayer market.

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Mandates of Consumer Safety Bodies impels Growth in Developed Countries

Focus of several pharmaceutical companies for child resistant packaging of drugs is a plus for the growth of child resistant sprayer market. Safety orders of the World Health Organization and the Consumer Product Safety Commission mandates child resistant packaging of products that contain Imidazoline stokes demand for child resistant sprayer. Products that contain imidazolines can cause very severe to adverse reactions in children if the drug is ingested accidentally. To prevent, drugs containing imidazoline needs special packaging to keep it out of small children. The child resistant sprayer market receives boost, in turn.

Product development is another key factor fuelling the growth of child resistant sprayer market. The brand new type of child resistant sprayer featuring push and turn mechnism is a key advancement that addresses product safety concerns for children and senior citizens. Mandates laid out by consumer safety bodies that are in place, especially in developed nations necessitate use of child safe products in the household. Besides this, mandates for pharmaceutical companies to use child resistant packaging for drugs also stokes demand for specialty packaging solutions in these countries. This makes North America at the forefront in the overall child resistant sprayer market.

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