Marine VFD Market: Extensive Advantage of Saving Marine Fuel boosts Deployment

The rising cost of marine fuel is necessitating deployment of ancillary equipment on core energy devices , which includes marine variable frequency drives (VFD) to save energy. Marine variable frequency drives help regulate speed and torque of motors of marine vehicles. This helps to derive maximum efficiency of these motors.

Marine variable frequency variable drives are available as medium and low voltage drives. This enables free selection of drive depending on the voltage requirement of core energy devices. The free selection of marine VFD to serve a specific voltage also enables efficient use of fuel and reduces maintenance sittings.

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The marine VFD market gains from a host of applications of marine VFDs. This includes fan, pump, compressor, propulsion/thruster, crane, and hoist. For example, pumps used in marine vessels conduit liquids to various machines and systems within the vessel. The liquids are conduit for heating, cooling, and lubrication purposes, which consumes vast amount of energy.

To minimize the use of this energy, pumps in marine vessels are fitted with marine VFDs. This serves to attain maximum energy efficiency, which bodes well for the marine VFD market.

Growing Shipping Industry in Asia Pacific displays Demand
Asia Pacific displays substantial demand for marine VFDs. The expanding shipping industry in emerging economies such as China and India is leading to ever-increasing demand for ancillary equipment for marine vessel pumps. This includes marine VFDs.

Marine variable frequency drives serve a number of functional advantages. The drive completely eliminates the gush of starting current of the compressor. The drive does this by ramping up voltage and frequency in a controlled manner. Resultantly, marine engines can operate on limited dockside power, and generator of marine vessels are protected from overload.

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Next-generation marine VFDs are fitted with LED display. This allows the user to monitor operations and faults. VFDs are mostly pre-programmed at the factory during assembly, and do not require further setup on site.

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