Manufacturing, Automotive Sectors to Propel Motor Monitoring Market

The process of continuous surveillance of engines, generators, clutches etc. in different end-use industries that are subject to high stress can be defined as motors monitoring. Proper motor monitoring cannot be performed manually, as it causes inappropriate failures, unforeseen financial losses and outages. But unwanted changes are recorded in early phases with motor monitoring systems and then rectified with the analysis. These systems are therefore extensively used to improve the organization’s overall productivity. Motors are widely used in manufacturing, and the growing production output is one of the main trends in the global motor monitoring market growth. The growth of the motor monitoring market is also driven by the increasing importance of predictive maintenance and the need to minimize loss of revenues caused by motor failures.

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Automotive Sector to Drive Growth

The burgeoning automotive industry emphasizes the automation and refurbishment of assembly lines that require continuous motor monitoring to avoid downtimes. Current engine analysis helps to reduce machine failures and increase machine life. In the automotive industry, the number of units produced per day is growing significantly, triggering the need for proper maintenance on production grounds to shorten the production cycle and increase production outcomes without compromising product quality. This is likely to be the main contributor to the automotive industry’s growth in the global motor monitoring market.

Asia Pacific to Emerge as Lucrative Regional Market

In the coming years, Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading region in global motor monitoring market and the most fast-growing region is expected during the forecast period. The region has an immense industry with a number of large companies ‘ manufacturing units. It has become a global hub for large investments and opportunities for business expansion. There is therefore an ongoing demand for motor monitoring solutions in Asia Pacific, boosting the global market.

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Leading vendors operating in the global motor monitoring market are General Electric, National Instruments, Honeywell, ABB, and Banner Engineering.

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