Manganous Nitrate Market to Rise on the Back of Increasing Demand of Agricultural Food

Manganous nitrate is a colourless, white crystalline solid with acidic odour. The compound is widely used for the manufacturing of several colorant for ceramics and porcelain. It is obtained by dissolving manganese carbonate within the dilute nitric acid. Along with this, it can also be obtained by the reacting nitrogen dioxide and manganese dioxide. Manganous nitrate decomposes to form manganese dioxide and nitrogen dioxide on exposure to heat. One of the major application of the manganous nitrate is in manufacturing of fertilizers and animal foods.

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This is because, manganese dioxide provides offers elemental manganese to plants and help reduces the nitrate level in soil. Rise in global demand for food due t increasing population pressure is a prominent factor expected to drove the global manganous nitrate market in the coming few years. Similarly, we have a managed to find several other factors which are expected to boost the growth of the global manganous nitrate market, have a look-

• Manganous nitrate is widely used in manufacturing of coloured ceramics and porcelain. The ability of the compound to improve aesthetic appeal, reusability of ceramic cutlery, and the possibility of creating antimicrobial ceramic cutlery are some of the vital factor expected to boost the manganous nitrate market in the coming few years.

• However, there are certain ill effect of the manganous nitrate such as irritate the throat, nose, and lungs. Apart from this, it also irritates eyes, skin, and mucous membranes and toxic if ingested. This is another factor expected to restrain it usability in home decor purpose. This facto may hamper the growth of the manganous nitrate market.

• Nevertheless, increasing use of manganous nitrate in the manufacturing of fertilizers is expected to propel the manganous nitrate market in the coming few years.

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