Major Security Flaws Uncovered in AMD Chips

CTS Labs, which is a security firm based out of Israel, recently published findings of its research which helped it uncover numerous critical vulnerabilities in security and exploitable manufacturer backdoors in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) chips. This can enable hackers to control computers and networks and access sensitive data.

CTS pointed out overall 13 flaws that can put organizations at a considerably higher risk of cyberattacks.
Weeks earlier, software giant Intel spoke of similar flaws in hardware, which it named as Spectre and Meltdown. This triggered widespread concerns over computer security and a congressional inquiry too.

As per CTS, the recently discovered flaws could compromise the new chips of AMD that handle applications in an enterprise, aerospace, and industrial sectors. The chip also handles it in consumer products.

AMD Say It Would Look At It

In the white paper of 20 pages, the researchers stated that the AMD Secure Processor, which is like the gatekeeper in charge of protecting the AMD processors, has crucial vulnerabilities that can enable malicious actors to install malicious code permanently inside the Secure Processor itself. This could result in AMD customers becoming susceptible to industrial espionage which is undetectable by most security solutions.

AMD, which is one of the largest semiconductor firms specializing in servers and PCs’ processors, said it was examining the latest report. It said security was a top priority for it and that it has been making continued efforts to ensure safety of its users.

As per some, the security threat on account of the flaws in AMD could be worse than those affecting Intel chips.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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