Lucrative Opportunities in Asia Pacific to Bolster Growth of the Microencapsulation Market

The augmented use of microencapsulated products in several industries along with rising demand for various agrochemical and pharmaceutical products is likely to pave well for the rapid growth of the global microencapsulation market in the years to come. Besides, rising demand for functional food items is further anticipated to drive the demand for microencapsulation in the near future.

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Microencapsulation technique is mostly utilized for the purpose of making activity, odor, and taste of the encapsulated structures acting as functional ingredients in several industries. These ingredients find use in various industries such as healthcare and pharmaceutical. Spray technology is anticipated to observe considerable growth in the US due to considerable presence of large number of pharmaceutical industries. Polysaccharides, gelatin, ethylcellulose, PVA, and sodium alginate are some of the important raw materials utilized for the purpose of microencapsulation technology. However, prevalence of uncertainties in the availability of raw material is likely to impede growth of the global microencapsulation market in the near future. In addition, burgeoning business of the end use sectors in the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to shift the focus of manufacturers to this region in the near future.

Market Growth to Ride on the Back of Increased Demand from the Pharmaceutical Sector

The growth of the microencapsulation is likely to be driven by the rising demand for fortified and functional food and pharmaceuticals items. The technology of microencapsulation offers essential oils, flavors, vitamins, minerals, and various other additives in food items to improve functional properties in those items. Microencapsulation technologies find extensive use in pharmaceutical sector owing to the benefits offered by this technology. In addition to that, various active ingredients, such as DNA/RNA molecules, proteins, and peptides are also encapsulated in the pharmaceutical industry. This is done to cater to the rising demand for value-added products, which is likely to foster growth of the global microencapsulation market in the near future.

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