Low Prognosis of Brain Tumors to Spur Industry Interest in Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Advances in diagnostics and therapeutics to improve the management of brain tumors have been varied and clinically promising. The prognosis of most common brain tumors have been presenting challenges to researchers and clinicians alike. Despite the strides in surgery and diagnostics, the rising incidence of brain tumor has been concerning to global health care systems. The low survival rates of patients with aggressive brain tumors and growing cases of intracranial malignancies have further made the scenario alarming. Though rapid advances have been made in understanding the genetic, epigenetic, and micro-environmental features underlying brain cells, researchers have faced several problems in unveiling new therapies in the market. The rarity of the brain tumors in itself is a big factor to resist even the most novel therapies, thereby making the pace of commercialization of brain tumor therapeutics strikingly stilted. Low level of interest among pharmaceutical industry .

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Most notably, the global healthcare industry and oncologists have seen large unmet need in the market in the management of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumors. To address the need, researchers around the world are testing new technologies based on drug-containing nanoparticles.

Researchers Test New Methods based on Bioengineered Nanomaterials

Technological developments in the brain tumor diagnostics and therapeutics market have been marked by the advent of promising drug delivery methods put to test to overcome the unique blood-brain barrier. Adoption of methods based on bioengineered nanomaterials has aimed at increasing drug delivery effectiveness and overcoming systemic side-effects. This has also expanded the scope of the brain tumor diagnostics and therapeutics. New methods of encapsulating hydrophobic drugs and for delivery of the cargo inside the tumor are boosting the brain tumor diagnostics and therapeutics.

Several clinical studies have helped drug makers expand the array of nanomedicines that can pave way to novel therapies, thereby bringing new approaches in the brain tumor diagnostics and therapeutics market. Strides made by CNS drug delivery have considerably expanded the prospect.

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Developed nations notably the U.K. and U.K. have been laying increasing emphasis on the management of brain tumors, expanding the window of possibilities in the brain tumor diagnostics and therapeutics market. Seeing various challenged with the eye of ‘call-to-arms’ approach might revitalize brain tumor research pipeline.

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