Low Energy Consumption to Increase Demand for Inland Waterways Vessels

Nowadays, waterways are as important as any other means of transportation. In various countries inland waterways is an important means of transportation. Increasing intra and inter trade facilities and growing adoption of advanced vessels having higher load capacity as compared to road vehicles are few factors that have accelerated the growth in the global inland waterways vessels market. Growing air pollution due to immense growth on vehicles and increasing congestion and traffic on national and international highways has further augmented the demand for inland waterways vessels. Besides this, use of inland waterways vessels are economical and efficiently use fuel that further grows its importance in the transportation industry.

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Higher revenue generation from through workboats used for general cargo ships and fishing vessels is also expected to fuel demand in the global inland waterways vessels market. In addition, rising government initiatives to enhance ports facilities such as operation and maintenance, harbors and harbors will also provide a fillip in this market.

While transporting various goods across various regions, inland waterways vessels are preferred as they consume less energy. In addition, quality of energy consumed in inland waterways is 30% less of that used in road transportation. It also consumes 80% less energy used in rail transportation. These vessels are also environment friendly, as they cause minimum environment pollution including carbon dioxide emission and noise pollution.

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Other advantages of using inland waterways vessels is that they require small land to off load the goods. While using water transportation there is lesser chances of accident as compared to other forms of transportation.

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