Low Energy Consumption to Bolster Growth in UV Curing System Market

Ultraviolet curing or UV curing refers to a chemical process, used in printing sector. Here, high-beam, UV light is utilized to dry or cure inks instantly. The process is a photochemical reaction through light in place of heat.

Various industries across the globe are adopting UV curing systems due to its significant advantages for example, low consumption of energy, increasing popularity of UV LEDs, reduced maintenance and operation price, and convenient disposals.

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UV LED curing is being adopted widely in several application in the field of graphics, particularly in sheetfed offset printing, flexo printing, digital inject printing, and screen printing. Notable developments can be seen in these sectors, sheetfed offset printing segment being the leading one. Firms are also getting into manufacturing of sheetfed offset printing by providing cured UV inks and LED for sustainable print. As of late, the technological advancements in LED innovation, coupled with compatible inks have resulted in energy efficiency, low heat, and longetivity in LED UV curing systems. As a result, UV printing, using LED UV curing is picking up momentum in the coming years.

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Sheetfed Offset Printing to Lead in Terms of Application

There is a substantial shift in preference of sheetfed offset printing due to better printing quality, low energy consumption, and productivity.

UV curing systems is as well picking up pace in automobile sector owing to high utilization of UV curing systems, in bonding and assembling application. This has contributed significantly in the growth of global UV curing system market. In the past few years, the utilization medium pressure UV curing lights have gained traction in automobile sector. Besides, UV curing coating is used extensively in alloy wheel to protect finish from water, ice, light, scratch damage, and salt.

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