Low Cost of Maintenance is Driving Marine Genesets Market

Providing ample power to all the equipment and devices on a ship can be a tough task. The sheer amount of energy consumption a regular basis on the sea or on land is calling out additional power generation methods as well as methods for conservation of power. One of the ways to solve this problem of energy on a ship is using marine gensets.

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The energy utilization and consumption problem on the ships is intensified when these vessels are away from land for longer period of time. While the operators of the vessels regularly opt for running their main engines to consistently fuel the ship’s DC and AC systems, it can be highly taxing for their fuel efficiency. Also, this constant switching leads to a lot of noise and unnecessary vibrations. Marine gensets on the other hand can remove such issue and be a perfect addition to the power systems on these marine vessels.

One of the main advantages of the modern marine gensets is that they can be highly compact in size. While the larger sizes of gensets can take up considerable amount of space, the smaller ones do not have such issues. A marine genset of appropriate size can be easily purchased by figuring out the overall requirement of power of all the equipment on board. The selected genset then must be able to generate around 20 percent more power than the calculated one. Marine gensets can also be cooled using water so as to improve their optimal performance efficiency. This is expected to drive the growth of the global marine gensets market.

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Some key trends in the global marine gensets market are given below:

  • Marine segments is expected to be affected by the introduction of alternative or natural fuels. Even with strict regulations for emission controls, diesel marine gensets are expected to thrive due to their safe storage ability and low cost of maintenance. 

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