Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks to Underpin Alcohol Infused Sparkling Water

Lately, alcohol infused sparkling water is gaining traction due to technological advancement in liquor industry. There has been increasing demand for alcoholic infused sparkling water due to its low calorie benefits. People are getting conscious about health and they want to experience and taste alcohol as well. Thus, the global alcohol infused sparkling water market is expected to observe growth in the forthcoming years.

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Fruit Infused Alcoholic Sparkling Water to Strengthen Market

Alcohol infused sparkling water is gaining momentum at a fast pace over the last couple of years. One of the market stalwarts has recently introduced alcohol infused water with a hint of fruit. This is expected to create demand from people who would want to indulge in alcohol in social gatherings. Such fruit infused alcohol helps them balance wellness and pleasure. Such new product launches are projected to create competition among market players as many companies plan to launch such products and focus on strategies to penetrate into the market. There are expected to be new launches with value addition, hence the global alcoholic infused sparkling market is projected to grow at substantial rate in the upcoming years.

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Introduction of Unique Flavors to Boost Growth

The market players are introducing wide range of flavors to attract consumers and cater to their needs as per their preference. There are many flavors available in the market such as passion fruit, strawberry, orange, peach, mango, etc. These are low in calories with less sugar content. These do not taste like alcohol and are handy to carry anywhere. This increases the demand for alcoholic sparkling drinks across the globe. Thus, the global alcohol infused sparkling water market is likely to observe a robust growth in the coming years. Recently, it was announced that the sparkling water brand Polar is collaborating with Harpoon Brewery to launch alcohol infused sparkling water called Arctic Summer.

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