Liquid Roofing Market to receive Attractive Impetus from Green Roof Projects

Liquid roofing system has emerged as one of the most cost-effective methods for waterproofing in new as well as refurbished roofs. Liquid roofing systems have risen in popularity in the commercial sector for waterproofing existing roofing material in new build, complex roofs. Additionally, they are versatile in application. They are used in refurbishment projects where access can be a key challenge. The use of liquid roofing systems has gained traction in new commercial projects with complex detailing.

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Growing Numbers of Refurbishment Projects in Developing Regions bolster Uptake

Advances in synthetic liquid membrane technologies over the past several years has increasingly influenced the chemistries of materials used in liquid roofing systems. Elastomeric membranes have undergone substantial advancements. Their extensive use in new builds has fueled the liquid roofing market. The advent of flexible, tear-resistant, and durable elastomeric membranes has resulted in long-term waterproofing protection.

The growing demand for liquid-applied systems for roof refurbishment in developing economies is a key factor propelling the liquid roofing market. Rapid strides by the construction industries, on the account of both new projects and refurbishing, are expanding the revenue generating potential. Further, with contractors and clients worried about the long-term future of residential buildings, liquid roofing systems can be a game changer.

In recent years, green roofs have gathered much steam in the residential sector in developing and developed regions. In particular, liquid roofing systems that are free of odor and solvents, and are fume-free open promising potential for waterproofing protection for inverted roofs. For instance, liquid roofing system helps architects apply the method with a negligible VOC content. This is paving way to innovative materials in the liquid roofing market.

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On the regional front, Asia Pacific is rising at prominent pace, mainly fueled by the rapid pace of urbanization. Rapidly rising use of liquid roofing systems in new builds is key to the growth.

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