Light Towers Market to Thrive on the Back of High Demand from the Construction Sector

As a result of the rising popularity of solar-powered light towers, the global light tower market is anticipated to expand significantly in the coming years. These towers have a one-time installation fee and are eco friendly. In addition, demand for light towers is likely to grow in the coming years as the number of oil inventories and refining plants rises.

The world is undergoing an energy transformation, with the developed world assuming a greater position as the primary market for energy demand. Most of this rise in energy demand is concentrated in Asia’s developing parts, where growing wealth and improved living standards support higher energy consumption per person. As one of the world’s largest market, China is likely to account for nearly a quarter of the global demand for energy. Africa’s energy consumption is also low in comparison to its population. As energy demand rises in tandem with the development of infrastructure in respective countries, as well as the usage of renewable sources of energy, the global light tower market is likely to grow.

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Growing Emphasis on Workers’ Safety to Shoot Up Demand for Light Towers

Lighting is required in operations in the oil and gas or mining industries and in remote operations involving construction (both general and remote). In these sectors, light towers are essential equipment for emergency and rescue operations. The global light tower market is being dominated by technologies aimed at offering emission-free lighting, and is being closely regulated by government legislation pertaining to worker protection. The need for solar-powered illumination towers to light up very isolated and remote villages has increased significantly in recent years. Furthermore, the mining and construction sectors are predicted to boost growth of the market in the years to come.

The growing emphasis on the enforcement of safety requirements, measures, and legislation in the construction industry, which often employs technologically advanced machinery and construction methods around the world, has resulted in significant improvements in the way main operations are carried out. The utilization of light towers, which are high, mostly mobile structures with non-glare electric lights, is becoming more common around worldwide, especially on dull days or at night. Light towers are extremely useful in road construction and other applications, particularly where mobility and fuel economy are of utmost importance.

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