LG Introduces AI Chips for Home Appliances

LG has remained in the limelight for the splendid performance of it home appliances. The company has recently made another groundbreaking announcement in regard to its product. LG will now manufacture its indigenous artificial intelligence chips for smart home products. These chips will enable LG’s home appliances to become smarter and more utility-driven. The AI chip by LG is similar to a neural engine that can ape the human brain’s functioning. LGs proprietary engine may emerge as a groundbreaking technology for smart appliances. The engine is capable of processing voice data and images even when cloud-connectivity is disabled. The development of smart appliances at LG has continually made new strides over the past years.

Neural Engine of Chips

LG has sought to develop improved AI device in the past few years. The artificial intelligence chip will accelerate growth within the domain of home appliances. Imitation of the human brain’s neural networks can help in identifying new pathways within AI. LG has been on a quest to integrate AI technologies into its products. LG has used ThinQ brand to accentuate this integration. Furthermore, LG has also used custom hardware technologies to accomplish integration of AI technologies within its devices. Further, it is legit to believe that the LG’s AI chips would play a key role in technology enhancement.

Future Developments

LG has developed a dedicated security zone for developing specialised hardware capabilities. Furthermore, the AI chip is expected to be included robotic vacuum cleaners. As a result, the future of LG’s home appliances seems bright with the introduction of new chips.

Rohit Bhisey

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