Leukapheresis Market: How to Withstand the Procedure?

The increased number of leukemia patients, ascend in blood donations, and the call for research applications are some of the important factors that have helped to anticipate the expansion of leukapheresis market size shortly. Leukapheresis is a medical procedure used for the treatment of an exceptional high count of white blood cells along with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). It involves the withdrawal of anticoagulated blood through a vascular catheter, dissolution of distinct blood components, elimination of undesirable components, and reinfusion of other remaining blood components while replacing fluid into the patients’ body. The key objective of leukapheresis is to keep down the number of leukemia cells. It is conducive for chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody treatment. Leukapheresis also helps in killing the surviving cancer cells and prevents them from coming with time. In a novel form, it is also used as immunotherapy (chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)) to fight leukemia, prostate cancer along with other cancer forms. Leukapheresis can be performed on patients as well as on donors.

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Medical Importance of Leukapheresis and Factors Impacting Market Growth

Chimeric Antigen Receptor – CAR T cell therapy can be offered to cancer patients if it returns. Further, researchers are also exploring further new fields. Pediatrics is one such field in which the application of leukapheresis will also boost future scope.

Leukapheresis has adverse effects on patients such as anemia, infections, and hypocalcemia. , notwithstanding the substantial cost spent on therapy along with stringent regulations. Among other things, therapeutic complexities are also creating hindrances in the extension of its leukapheresis market.   

So irrespective of the impediments, the tremendous acceptance for the medical procedure for the isolation of white blood cells for treatment as well as for research will create profuse opportunities for all the players who are majorly operating in leukapheresis market.  

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