Launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Rescheduled to 2021

NASA announced that is its James Webb Space Telescope is delaying its launch up to 2021. This launch was planned in October 2018, due to some technical issues, it was postponed to 2020. However, after accepting recommendations of an independent review board, the organization announced, it’s rescheduled launch date to early 2021.

The report says numerous technical issues and human error have impacted on schedule and development and budget as well. The budget of US$8 Bn was approved and the project has estimated investment of US$800 Mn. For the mission, NASA expected the next advanced and big telescope, to launch this telescope, the researchers will have to face many problems as it is a first project on the James Webb Space Telescope.

It has gold plated mirrors with a honeycombed structure to see the formation and history of the universe by following the footsteps of Hubble Telescope. James Webb Space Telescope has improved sight than Hubble Telescope owing to its capabilities to see longer wavelengths such as infrared. With these advantages of Webb, researchers at organization expected to learn many things about the birth of the universe.

While this mission shows some exciting opportunities for further exploration of space. Space exploration is not limited to government or federal agencies like NASA, business magnets such as Yuri Milner, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos have entered into the industry and exploring privately with their advanced crafts and rockets and kind of new methodologies.
NASA is increasingly focusing to use Webb for further projects. To get this done, they are focusing to improve the telescope. It might take a while to see a history of the universe.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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