Latest Developments and Vital Growth Factors Surrounding Low-Fat Yoghurt Market

The shift of a considerable populace toward healthy living is bringing tremendous demand across low-fat food products and beverages. The low-fat yoghurt is one of them and has gained immense popularity among a considerable populace. The addition of various flavors and variants in low-fat yoghurt is further enhancing the growth prospects. Thus, based on this aspect, the global low-fat yoghurt market is expected to gain prodigious growth through the assessment period of 2019-2029.

Nutrient-Rich Amalgamation Proving to be Vital Growth Booster

Low-fat yoghurts are rich in nutrients. They are full of probiotics and help in improving the immunity quotient in the body. In addition, they also have vitamin D and calcium, thus increasing their popularity among fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers. All these factors form a robust growth landscape for the low-fat yoghurt market.

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Recent Launches

The low-fat yoghurt market is frequently in pursuit of novel developments and product launches. Some of the recent developments that have taken place in the low-fat yoghurt market are as follows:

• Stonyfield Organic recently launched low-fat yoghurt with cereal toppings. This yoghurt contains 25-35 percent less sugar than other yoghurts. They have a range of exciting flavors and are made with organic low-fat milk. They also offer 10gm protein per serving.

• Tillamook County Creamery Association launched its line of low-fat yoghurt products recently. These yoghurts have zero preservatives and contain no artificial sweeteners. It is available in reusable and recyclable cups. This development signals the shift of the players in the low-fat yoghurt market to a more sustainable approach. All these developments bring tremendous growth opportunities for the low-fat yoghurt market.

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The emergence of low-fat yoghurt as a healthy on-the-go food may bring immense growth opportunities for the low-fat yoghurt market. Many individuals are surrounded by a busy lifestyle and they look for better and quick alternatives when it comes to health. Thus, this factor may add extra stars of growth to the low-fat yoghurt market.

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