Large-scale Industrial and Pharma Usage are Key to the Development of Fluoroboric Acid Market

Fluoroboric acid is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of H3OBF4. This inorganic compound has no odor or color, and is a poisonous liquid. This compound is also known as tetrafluoroboric acid. There are basically two main types or grades of this fluoroboric acid – industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade. Of these, the pharama grade fluoroboric acid is primarily used for the bulk production of drugs. It is also utilized as a catalyst agent in the production of etherifying cellulose and acetals. It can also be used as a reagent. Whereas, the fluoroboric acid from the industrial grade has several industrial end uses such as working as etching agents in the production of electronic components and printed circuits. The fluoroboric acid is also used for the electrodeposition or to clean the metal surfaces before the welding procedure, or to clean up, polish, & brighten metals such as aluminum.

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Given below are some of the notable developments in the global fluoroboric acid in the recent years:

• In June 2019, Atotech, a global player in the specialty chemicals and supply of equipment announced that the company has launched a new line of production equipment. The equipment is named as POLYGON PLB LINE.

• Johnson Matthey (JM), one of the global players in the fluoroboric acid market have recently joined hands with Lithium Works, a big name in the battery and storage industry. The agreement among the companies is about the supply of batter materials. This agreement came into power in April 2019 and is valid for the coming five years. During this period, JM will offer its LFP battery cathode materials. The MoU was signed by both the companies so as to cater to the growing need and demand from the industry and customers for highly effective technologies for energy storage.

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Some of the other key players in the global fluoroboric acid include names such as General Chemical Corp., SB Chemicals, and Jay Intermediates and Chemicals among others.

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