Lack of Sleep Linked to Stroke and Other Heart Diseases

If Ka-Ching wasn’t already driving urban populations to extract maximum out of themselves, smartphones and social media have only added to the busyness. As a result, sleeplessness issues are escalating. Now, researchers have detected that lack of sleep only feeds to the chances of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, especially among those with weaker hearts.

Six Hours of Sleep is Bare Minimum
According to Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, the lead researcher of the study, says that less than six hours of sleep nearly doubles the odds of dying from heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Termed as metabolic syndrome, sleepless nights lead to high blood pressure, increase blood sugar levels, escalates obesity, and increments levels of LDL, which in other words is bad-cholesterol.

Effective Insomnia Treatments Available
The researchers have concluded that from lifestyle and behavioral point of view, lack of sleep leads to poorer diet and may progress to premature death for a body with high blood pressure and fluctuating sugar levels. However, an easy fix to this problem is improving the duration as well as the quality of sleep. Effective pharmacological approaches are available to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia, short sleep, and sleep apena. That being said, awareness regarding insomnia treatment is minimal.

1,300 men and women were randomly selected by the study with an average age of 49 years, who spent one night at the sleep laboratory. As many as 39 percent exhibited at least one out of three rick factors related to metabolic syndrome. However, Dr. Steven Feinsilver, who is the director of sleep medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, counters that merely one night at a new place, that too a laboratory, does not reveal much about how well someone usually sleeps.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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