Lack of Lung Donors Transplantations Fuels Demand for Organ-on-chips

San Francisco, California, March 28, 2018: Rising applications in the healthcare sector, the increasing use in lung-based organ culture, and the soaring demand for drug screen have accelerated the pace of gains for the global organs-on-chips market. In a report, titled “Organs-on-chips Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017-2025., TMR Research sums up various trends chalking the market’s trajectory. To offer a comprehensive overview, the report covers growth drivers and key restraints witnessed by companies operating in the global organs-on-chips market. It is thus intended to enable stakeholders understand growth trends in the market better.

Be that as it may, the high investment incurred at the initial phase of research and development obstructs the market’s expansion to an extent. Nonetheless, research processes will offer growth prospects in plenty for the market players, subsequently enabling the market’s growth in the coming years. Inadequate number of donors for lung transplantation has in turn fuelled the demand for lab-engineered functional organs. This is aiding the market’s expansion. In addition, experts foresee impressive prospects for organ-on-chip gadgets in the medical industry, which is likely to reflect positively on the overall market.

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Organ-on-chip gadgets have proven useful in in-vitro analysis genetic and metabolic activities of living cells, real-time imaging, and biochemical, which is a chief factor boosting their uptake. Besides these, researchers often use organs-on-chips culture gadgets to monitor the outcome of administering certain medications. This procedure can also be used to check drug toxicity or effectiveness in different organs of the body. Spurred by these factors, the global organs-on-chips market is expected to report a healthy growth in the coming years.

Some of the leading players operating in the global organs-on-chips market are CN Bio Innovations, Emulate, Inc., Mimetas B.V., Ascendance Biotechnology, Inc., AxoSim Technologies LLC, Organovo Holdings, Inc., Hurel Corporation, Tara Biosystems, Nortis Inc., and Insphero AG.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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