Laboratory Proficiency Testing Market Detailed Analysis and Forecast to 2030

Laboratory testing methods and infrastructure are on the path of continuous advances, pivoting on the changing testing demands and physical sciences and lifesciences industries. A growing number of laboratories are participating in proficiency testing to ensure the reliability of their results. A growing number of laboratories engage in such testing to monitor their continuing performance. The degree of independence of results across all participating labs lends credibility to their performance.

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Growing demand for lab proficiency testing for environment-related analytical methods in the developed world is a notable trend. The aim at making these tests is also to ensure the consistency in working practices. Further, with constantly evolving lab standards, lab managers need to know whether the protocol they are following has reliability in the changing time.

Growing Investments in Contract Research Organizations Boosts Prospects

The growing number of labs also participate to improve their routine testing methods or standard. Attaining the objective also will help them streamline the lab processes. Developing economies have thus seen a large number of labs showing proclivity toward lab proficiency testing to stay relevant. Growing investments in contract research organizations in some of the economies of the developing world has also enriched the landscape of the lab proficiency testing market. Labs in developing and less developed nations are also understanding the business proposition underlying the laboratory proficiency testing in meeting the rigorous international standards. In coming years, a growing number of labs in these regions are have begun taking disagreements flagged by testing programs seriously, and take corrective actions swiftly.   

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Some of the key players in the lab proficiency testing market are AOAC International, Randox Laboratories Ltd., Merck & Co., Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., and American Proficiency Institute. Growing number of joint ventures and collaborations with international players to comply with  lab testing protocols of different geographies spanning terrestrial and marine environments will pave way to new revenue streams.

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