Konjac Market to Benefit from Strides Made by Dietary Food Industry

Konjac has gathered steam among health-conscious populations, especially those who endorse keto diet. Konjac has high nutritional value and holds great promise in preventing range of chronic diseases. A growing body of researchers have been focusing on evaluating its role in blood cholesterol levels and maintaining gut health.

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Asian populations are using konjac as thickener in wide variety of recipes. Key product types are gum, flour, konjac powder, and dietary fiber. Strides being made by dietary food manufacturers have seen growing interest of konjac, since it forms a part of generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Dietary food manufacturers are coming out with new flavors. They are coming out with claims of new therapeutic benefits to attract consumers in key regions in the konjac market.

Rising Application as Additive and Thickener in Food and Pharma Industry Boost Demand

Biopharmaceutical industry have in recent years have also shown increasing research interest in the konjac market. Companies in the industry are demand konjac as an additive, due to the fact that konjac contains several physiological attributes. Konjac has purported benefits in improving microbial metabolism of intestines. Most prominently, players are leaning on human health. Growing demand for konjac as thickener in chemicals and food industries are boosting the konjac market.

Rising acceptance of dietary fiber ingredients is opening new avenues in the konjac market. Several players are stressing on taping into latent revenue potential in cost-sensitive markets. To this end, they are trying to attach huge significance to superfood in interventional strategy for human health. Moreover, the growing popularity of dietary fiber ingredients that are derived from plants are adding momentum to the expansion of the konjac market.

Some of the key participants in the konjac market are The Konjac Sponge Company, Hubei Yizhi Konjac Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Jintai Konjac Industrial Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Brilliant Gum Co. Ltd., FMC Corporation, and Henan Xin Industry Co. Ltd.

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