IT in Real Estate Market to see disruptive Potential of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Technologies

The rapid pace of technology advances hasn’t kept any industry untouched, including the real estate. Exchange of communication among stakeholders has become swift and more transparent with the adoption of information technology (IT) across various stages such as in listing, buying, and selling properties. IT has also been a key enabler of maximizing value of stakeholders in the real estate sector. Data-driven insights on the tenant experience made possible by various IT models have helped owners of commercial, residential, and retail spaces enhance this value.

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Investors leveraging Potential of Deal Management Platforms supports Substantial Revenue Streams

An array of cutting-edge IT solutions has been gathering steam in the real estate sector. Real estate professions have been witnessing promising potential of technologies related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. The growing adoption of IT models for various deal management platforms is a notable trend in the market. Investment firms are increasingly witnessing the benefits of such platforms, especially in offering a robust enterprise risk management solutions to clients.

In the coming years, especially in maturing markets over the world, automated valuation models are gathering steam. These models are likely to rise in relevance in assessing the worth of deals in real estate sector.

The IT in real estate market witnesses window of lucrative avenues from the burgeoning social advertising opportunities in the sector. These are underpinned by the staggering sales of mobile devices. Moreover, the proliferation of real estate ads in Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is boosting the market’s prospects. Another trend that might carve sizable opportunities for stakeholders in the real estate sector is the demand for electronic notary services.

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Opportunities in the market will also get solid boost from the rising popularity of enterprises resource planning solutions. The growing adoption of customer relationship management software (CRM) among realtors is a case in point. CRM holds marked potential for real estate companies in developing an impactful pipeline and campaign reporting.

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