IT-enabled Healthcare Market – IT-enabled Healthcare Delivery Key to Boosting Patient Outcomes

IT has unarguably become a key enabler for healthcare delivery across multiple parameters. The changing scenario of patient care world over is one of the key underpinnings of IT-enabled healthcare market. The need to increase access to health care, particularly in the backdrop of high patient to doctor ratio in some regions of the world, has propelled public investments in IT-healthcare ecosystem. Private players including hospitals are spending sizably on integrating healthcare IT in operational workflows, all of which are aimed to make health care more patient-centric. A case in point is technologies based on artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Become Key Facet of IT-enabled Healthcare

IT-enabled healthcare has helped providers to better respond to the morbidity of chronic diseases. More notably, cancer management is a key aspect that is pumping value in the IT-enabled healthcare market. In these applications, several countries are already realizing the game-changing potential, and are making spate of investments in IT-enabled healthcare paradigms.

The use of IT-enabled healthcare also includes the growing utilization of smart devices in diagnosis chronic diseases; and example is glaucoma. Further, technologies are being adopted for remote monitoring of the chronic conditions. Aging population is a vast latent opportunity for providers of healthcare IT products and will remain so over the next few years. Thus, geriatric care is one of the key accelerants of growth of the IT-enabled healthcare market. Proliferating use of smartphones for accessing patient care and strides made in electronic health records have further boosted the prospects in developing economies, notably in Asian countries.

Growing acceptance of robot-assisted surgery is another business value proposition for demand for IT-enabled healthcare. Collaborative robots are increasingly being used by surgeons to navigate complex surgeries such as in neurovascular procedures, gynecology, and orthopedics. In coming years, the strides that Big Data and IoT will make will help fuel the business propositions of IT-enabled healthcare.

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