Isoamylene Market to Observe High Growth in Growing Use in Pharmaceutical Industry

Isoamylene refers to an organic compound that falls under the category of alkenes. It can further segmented under the category of unsaturated hydrocarbons. The chemical IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) name of the compound is 2-methyl 2-butene. The expansion of the global isoamylene market is likely to be driven by its increasing demand from various end use sectors.

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This compound is usually found in colorless and clear liquid form with a not-so-pleasant odor. The chemical is insoluble in water owing to its low density. In addition, the chemical is highly reactive and inflammable and it might react quite strongly with various oxidizing agents. It might also go through exothermic polymerization reaction in the presence of initiators and catalyst. With its multiple benefits, the global isoamylene market is expected to witness considerable growth over the period of assessment.   

Increased Use in the Flavor and Fragrance Industries to Shoot Up Demand in the Market

Isoamylene is utilized in the production of chemical intermediates and chemicals. It serves in an extensive range of applications, including pharmaceutical, hot melt adhesives, UV stabilizers, and pesticides, and flavors. Use in such a wide range of industries is estimated to bolster growth of the global isoamylene market over the period of analysis.

Isoamylene is increasingly utilized in the fragrance industry, especially in the synthesis of chemicals of fragrance. Growing use in the fragrance is likely to drive the demand for isoamylene in the near future. In addition, the chemical finds wide use in various formulations in polymer antioxidants and peroxides. Flavor and fragrance industry is one of the leading end use sectors for the global isoamylene market.  Furthermore, forging collaboration between research centers and leading market players is likely to pave way for rapid expansion of the market in the years to come. Niche applications like UV stabilizers and pharmaceutical are also expected to shoot up the demand for isoamylene over the tenure of analysis.

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