Is Diabetes Devices Market Taking Baby Steps or Moving at Lightning Speed Toward Tech Advancements?

The swelling number of diabetes cases across the globe and the need for quick treatment for diabetic patients may bring good growth opportunities for the diabetes devices market across the forecast period of 2019-2029.

Technologically, the diabetes devices market is rapidly moving toward the discovery of novel advancements for providing maximum comfort and minimum inconvenience to the diabetic patient. With the growing danger of the novel coronavirus transmission, diabetic devices have become more important than ever as diabetics are more close to fatality when infected with COVID-19 when compared to non-diabetics. Therefore, technological advancements in tandem with the growing threat of COVID-19 can unlock many doors of opportunities for the diabetes devices market.

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Many technologies are being introduced across the diabetes devices market and more is expected throughout the forecast period. Here are some novel technologies that have the potential of being a game-changer in terms of diabetes devices market growth.

Anti-Stick Glucose Testing

Daily glucose monitoring need long commitments with the needle sticks. To overcome this obstacle, manufacturers are coming up with novel technologies like sensor-based glucose monitoring. The Dexcom G4 Platinum is a classic instance. A sensor is placed on the abdomen or upper gluteus area and the reports are sent through the cloud technology.

Reusable Smart Pens

The integration of insulin pens with digital health tools may bring considerable growth for the diabetes devices market. Abbott and Novo Nordisk recently collaborated for easier diabetes management; the partnership enables integration of Novo Nordisk’s insulin pens with Abbott’s digital health tools.

Smart Insulin Pumps

Proper insulin dosage is an important component and with smart insulin pumps, it has become easier. Tandem Diabetes Care Inc. recently introduced x2 insulin pump which has an automatic drug dosing system. This system inserts the required amount of insulin into the body through algorithms and necessary calculations.

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