iPhone 8 Leak Reveals, Apple Decides to Remain Separate from Standards

Apple promises to feature various new technologies with its upcoming iPhone 8 model. One of these will be wireless charging. Wireless charging of these phones is expected to be functional only with the chargers made for Apple products, under the program MfI (Made for iPhone).

Putting a Technological Wall between Apple and Industry Standards Employs Greater Profit to Apple

Earlier this year, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium. Due to this event numerous customers expected that the company will accept standard Qi charging protocol, which will let chargers made by other companies to charge the iPhones. However, reports from Macotakara suggested that instead of standard 15 watts charging, Apple will employ charging with just 7.5 watts. The third party manufacturers will need license through the MfI program to manufacture and sell these chargers.

This wireless charging upgrade will be in motion with the iOS 11 software upgrade. With this software upgrade, these phones will be able to refuse the charge coming from any of unauthorized or unlicensed charging equipment. This means that the current chargers available in the market will not be able to charge iPhones, even though they are manufactured with the market standards. Apple has decided to separate itself from the technology of the world by putting a wall of inductive power licensed by Apple. As always, Apple has decided to earn maximum profit for itself, instead of working for greater good of following a single standard. This promotion of connected devices allows Apple to secure its market share and remain one of the prominent technology provider.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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