Intrapartum Monitoring Devices gain Clinical Significance in Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Monitoring devices have risen in clinical significance in intrapartum care in the medical industry world over. The devices help in ensuring the care of healthy women and their babies, during labor and immediately after the birth. The intrapartum monitoring devices market has gained considerable strength from growing effectiveness of electronic fetal monitoring. The pressing need for intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring for low- and medium-risk pregnancies in the healthcare sectors is a key trend bolstering the expansion of the market. Efforts to improve the effectiveness of continuous electronic fetal monitoring in assessing the fetal wellbeing has been a key facet in the strides the market will take in the coming years.

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Technological Advances helps in Non-Invasive Evaluation of Fetal Well-Being

In recent decades, rising demand for non-invasive technologies for intrapartum fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring has imparted a robust momentum to the intrapartum monitoring devices market. This has over the past several years has paved the way for establishing a promising framework for non-invasive evaluation of fetal well-being and the expectant mother. Rising number of caesarean section (C-section) births also plays a crucial role in shaping the contours of the intrapartum monitoring devices market.

Rapid advances in the healthcare sectors, especially in developing regions across the world, are supporting the growth of the market. Emerging paradigm of novel modalities for intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring has expanded the prospects steadily over the past few years.

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The uptake of intrapartum monitoring devices is also filliped by constantly developing guidelines on proper intrapartum care, notably by global agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, growing preference of clinicians toward continuous electronic fetal monitoring overcardiotocography also fuels the rapidly rising demand for intrapartum monitoring devices in the global healthcare system.

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