Interventional Radiology Market: Short Hospital Stays and Speedy Convalescence Period to Drive Demand

San Francisco, California, January 18, 2018: TMR Research has published a new report titled, “Interventional Radiology Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” As per the report, the interventional radiology market is extremely competitive. Interventional radiologists offer cheaply priced along with with enhanced quality care in comparison to most other surgical options. Moreover, interventional radiology minimises the risks to patients as well as improve the outcomes of the health. The widely used IR methods consist of angiography, central venous access, stenting, embolization, balloon angioplasty along with other catheter-based therapeutic and diagnostic tools. It is gaining preference among the patients as well as clinicians because of minimal usage of invasive image-guided methods.

The interventional radiology market is driven by the thrust for least invasive methods in the treatment as well as diagnosis of the diseases throughout the world. The advantages that cause IR methods to be preferred more than traditional treatments include short hospital stays, low risks to patients, low cost treatments, speedy convalescence, and increased comfort. The increased usage of IR for the treatment of many reoccurring diseases has led the growth of this market worldwide. The continuous achievements in the field of technology in the computer assisted visualisation and the robot-assisted surgery are predicted to have a positive outcome on the IR market. Plus, the continuous efforts by the healthcare providers in improving the rate of success of IR methods are predicted to ensure growth of the market over the assessment period.

The range of therapeutic and diagnostic conditions that are targeted by the interventional radiology methods is continuously widening, along with the growth outlook of the interventional radiology market. The inroads developed by the artificial intelligence in many automation technologies have created new vistas in interventional radiology in the recent past and are expected to transform patient care in the near future. The IR that are powered by deep learning technologies can automatically converse with numerous referring clinicians and offer them answers that are evidence based through text messages. This assists the referring physician in equipping their patients with up to date information in context to the next phase of treatment thereby assisting them in selecting the right actions that need to be taken. Presently, this prototype is under testing by a small team of radiation oncologists, interventional radiologist at UCLA, along with hospitalists.

In terms of geography, North America is considered to be the most important market for interventional radiology procedures. The staggering growth of this market in North America is because of the rise in existence of reoccurring diseases, the growth of automation technologies, and the rising demand for minimally invasive image diagnostics. The Asia Pacific market is predicted to exhibit a greater CAGR throughout the assessment period that is driven by the growing population of the senior citizens, noticeable advances in the healthcare infrastructure and the growing government assistance.

Many emerging markets in Asia are creating sufficient opportunities for different companies on account of huge unexplored or untapped market. Companies are currently investing considerably in the research and development sector in many imaging modalities so as to better the success of interventional radiology procedures. Top players are aiming at emerging economies so that they can consolidate their shares in the interventional radiology market. The names of a few are: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Siemens Healthcare GmBH, Koninklijke Philips N.V., GE Healthcare, Carestream Health, Inc., Hitachi Medical Corporation, Fujifilm, Hologic, Inc., Esaote S.p.A, and Medison.

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