Internet of Thing Microcontroller Market – Benefits from Proliferation of Smart Electronics

The global Internet of Things microcontroller market is gaining traction with the ubiquity of IoT. The solid expansion of applications of Internet of Things leading to a range of technologically advanced offerings is serving a wide consumer base. IoT, however, requires robust connectivity between consumer devices which is met using microcontrollers with ultra-low power architecture. Presently, microcontroller is employed substantially across several Internet of Things products such as remote controls, power tools, office machines, medical devices, and automobile engine controls.

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Microcontroller unit (MCU) refers to a small, self-contained computer enclosed in a single integrated circuit, or microchip. MCUs differ from desktop computer in terms of typically dedicated to a single function and are most often embedded in other devices. MCUs contain ROM, RAM, and similar peripherals that allows them to perform tasks independently. A system on chip (SoC) is sometimes used interchangeably with MCU, however SoC usually refers to MCUs with a higher number of onboard peripherals and functionality.

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The integration of IoT with microcontroller offers opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers, especially the ones vying to capitalize at present, while the sector is under development stage. Another key factor impacting growth of IoT MCU is the ability of industry participants to address and resolve issues pertaining to inadequate security, technology barriers, meager consumer demand, and lack of standards. The technology is poised to stay and is estimated to help semiconductor industries surpass or maintain current demand in the forthcoming years.

Introduction of technologically advanced consumer electronics such as smart wearables, mobile phones, tablets, and computers is predicted to have a positive bearing on the microcontroller market in general. Increasing demand for various smart electronics such as tablets, smart phones, smart watches, and smart television is predicted to propel demand for microcontrollers.

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