Insulation Monitoring Devices gathering Steam in Data Centers to avoid Costly Operational Failures

The safety and reliability of IT systems depends on several factors, a crucial being their insulation. Insulation monitoring devices are notably used for monitoring the insulation resistance of ungrounded IT networks. Various technologies in the insulation monitoring devices are gathering steam in industries where IT network security is increasingly crucial or when continuous operation is an essential prerequisite such as in hospitals. Thus, there is a rising demand for insulation monitoring devices in the heavy industries and health sector, in various countries world over. Demand for insulation monitoring technology for IT systems is also rising in metallurgy, civil engineering, and shipbuilding.

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Advances in Technology and Design improve Operation Parameters

Over the past few years, numerous major technological and design advances have been made in insulation monitoring devices, increasing the precision at which they function. Advances in microprocessor control and efforts of manufacturers to make the equipment more modular are fueling the growth of the insulation monitoring devices market. Devices with modular design have gained some steam in end-use industries.

Applications in Renewable Energy Production Plants drive Momentum

Businesses in the area of wind and solar energy production need a reliable insulation monitoring of their networks. This has been propelling the demand for modular insulation monitoring technologies. Rapid strides in renewable energy generation are imparting an increasing fillip to this demand. Rising deployment of IT systems in wind and solar power production plants in developed nations is providing a big impetus to the use of insulation monitoring devices.

A great deal of momentum to the insulation monitoring devices market also come from deployment in data centers. Operational interruption may be cost-intensive in data centers. The growth in this direction is increasingly fueled by increasing trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. The sheer pace of growth in healthcare IT in developing countries is further accentuating revenues in the insulation monitoring devices market.

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End-use industries are developing interest in employing insulation monitoring devices that not only help them keep a track of insulation parameters but also enable them to measure voltage, capacitance, and frequency.

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