Instagram Photos to Reveal If Users Have Depression

With the latest updates, a picture posted on Instagram can reveal if the user is facing depression. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, against the backdrop of the recent update, pictures posted on instagram will also save people the cost of diagnosis, as revealed by a recent study. According to a new study, a recent study can reveal clues about the user’ mental health.

Study Conducted Found Instagram Photos can Reveal User’s Mental Health

This study was conducted on 166 people. Researchers conducted the study on nearly 43,000 photos posted by their subjects on their Instagram profiles. To get information required, researchers also questioned each participants to detect their mental health history. More than half of the participants were diagnosed with depression and many of them were suffering from depression for the past three years.

To further the research, the team had developed an algorithm, which evaluated various elements of photos posted on Instagram, including components such as the number of people appearing in their photos, colors, likes received, and others. The study revealed that subjects who were suffering depression were more likely to post images that were bluer, had fewer faces, and darker hues.

Furthermore, as per the study, a majority of the participants facing depression did not use filters when editing their Instagram photos. However, if they ever chose to use filter, a certain favor towards ‘Inkwell’ filter was noted. This particular filter converts images into black and white photos. On the flip side, healthy participants tended to use “Valenica” filter more, which helped in making tints more vibrant.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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