Insolight Solar Panel to Deliver Twice Yield to Conventional Panels

Recently, a startup named Insolight developed solar panels with 29 percent of boost in yield. The founders of Insolight developed this cutting-edge technique. Developments seen in these panels have set a new record for the retail market. They deliver twice the yield from previous panels. The rooftop solar panels have same size, thickness, and installation system, but differ from inside. The inner surface of the solar panel features EPFL spin-off.

Independent lab tested Insolight’s panel uses a patented optical system which helps in concentrating sunlight in a miniature photovoltaic cell present in satellites. Currently, use of lenses helps in concentrating sunlight on tiny high-yield photovoltaic cell. This is a groundbreaking approach seen in the solar-power market.

Higher Efficiency at Reduced Cost a key Offering of Solar Panels

The founders of Insolight aimed to push yield of panels with a radically different approach. They tried to expand the yield at a reduced cost. They also designed a mechanism that can move cells by few millimeters to follow sunlight the entire day. As cells in Insolight’s system uses marginal space, conventional solar panels can utilize it to expand their yield. Moreover, this system is capable of generating power even under diffused light rays and in cloudy areas.

Another advantage of using Insolight solar panels is that they help in cutting electricity bills up to 30 percent. Furthermore, it also has useful life and yield, advanced resistance to weather conditions, and minimal cleaning and maintain costs. Therefore, it has higher returns on investment than other competing solutions.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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