Innovation in Driving Technology to Reduce Road Accidents

A recent report by McKinsey & Company, a management consultant company, reveals that among the various sectors, transport in India will attract massive sale of capital by 2030. However, the growth and division of Indian roads continues to surprise. The Government of India constructed 9,800 km of highway roads during 2017–2018 and also targeted to construct 40 km on daily basis during 2018–2019. On the flipside, basic road safety in India is a major cause of concern. Around 11 percent of the road accident across the globe happens in India.

The concern is the lack of proper follow up of traffic rules by the drivers in India. Moreover, it is also projected that implementation of proper driving standards may reduce 75% of accidents.

Technology-Bound Application Helps in Assisting Drivers for Safety Reasons

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies have created the possibilities for ensuring safer and more secured driving. The various driving conditions of Indian roads helps drivers in obtaining deep learning skills for driving vehicles. AI helps in finding the obstacle and hurdles from a safer distance and can alert the drivers of these.

These technologies are incorporated into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and work on camera, while sensing the dangerous condition on road. Other applications such as driver monitoring device helps in monitoring the driver condition while driving the vehicle alerting them of drowsiness and fatigue. Furthermore, several technology companies in India are largely focused toward the advancement in AI-based technologies for detecting deep potholes and other unsafe conditions.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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