Initiatives to Educate Stakeholders Understand about the Condition is Predicted to Drive Global Agitation in Delirium Management Market

Delirium is a disorder that can be caused by a number of factors and demands a range of treatments. Patients’ health-care expenses, duration of stay in the hospital, morbidity, and death can all be lowered with early detection and treatment. As per Marie Curie, a licensed charity in the UK offering nursing and palliative care to the elderly people, several patients experience delirium in the latter days of their lives causing restlessness or agitation. This has been stated on their website. This is also known as terminal restlessness or terminal agitation. Growing awareness about the condition is likely to fuel growth of the global agitation in delirium management market in the years to come. Benzodiazepines, second-generation antipsychotics and first-generation antipsychotics are the first-choice treatments for managing patients suffering from agitation in delirium.

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Increased Understanding of the Economic Consequences of the Condition to Drive Market Growth

As patients become more aware of agitation in delirium management as well as its treatment, the market is projected to expand in the years to come. Every year on 17th March, World Delirium Awareness Day is observed. As part of its mission to educate policy makers, professionals, caregivers, and patients about delirium, the International Federation of Delirium Societies (iDelirium) hosts webinars. The webinars are designed to help participants gain a better comprehension of the economic consequences of delirium worldwide and to work collaboratively on research and development to come up with solutions for management of delirium.

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In the near future, rising product recalls are likely to stifle growth of the global agitation in delirium management market. A case in point is Novartis International A’s G withdrawal of an entire batch of the antipsychotic medication Haloperidol in 2018 owing to a packaging problem. In addition to that, the presence of non-pharmacological treatments for agitation control in delirium management is anticipated to limit market development as well.

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