Infectious Disease In-Vitro Diagnostics Market – An Industry Expanding Horizons with Covid-19

The rise in infectious diseases and the growing geriatric population in the developed and developing countries are the crucial factors to stimulate the growth in the infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics market. Technological advancement and increased government initiatives for better healthcare infrastructure, majorly in developing countries, will progress the infectious disease in-vitro diagnosis market. The Covid-19 virus is evolving into diverse variants, and vaccines are at initial stage, leaving to an unmet need for better diagnostics, thereby fueling the infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics market. Molecular diagnostics facilitate the diagnosis of various diseases at the initial stage and allows healthcare providers to start with therapy at the initial stage itself. This step undoubtedly results in improved healthcare treatment.

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Increased disposable income and healthcare budgets by governments in Asia Pacific countries also contributing to the market growth. The infectious disease in-vitro diagnosis market is divided into molecular diagnosis, microbiology, immunoassay, and others based on technology.  

Greater Emphasis on Potential Epidemic Prevention to Spur R&D

A variety of infectious diseases such as HPV, MRSA, HIV, respiratory viruses, Gonorrhea, Streptococcus, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Clostridium Difficile, and others are diagnosed with infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics. RT-PCR (real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) is considered a standard testing method for the diagnosis of Covid-19, as viral DNA is detected directly. The popularity of this test will lead to the extensive growth of the infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics market.

The key players in the market invest majorly in research and development. The manufacturers are developing kits that are convenient to use at home in the infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics market. These self-testing kits are important for early diagnosis and regular patient monitoring. In addition to these merits, this diagnostic is economical. Some of the key players of the infectious disease in-vitro diagnostics market include BD, Danaher, Siemens Healthineers AG, Abbott, QIAGEN, and OraSure Technologies, Inc. 

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