Inexpensive Electronics Endoscopy Equipment Increase Indications of Their Use

Advances in optical systems and continuous technological advancements in accessory devices have helped boost the functional capabilities of endoscopy equipment. The use of equipment in clinical gastroenterology has seen several advancements to meet the needs of patients’ safety and comfort. Image enhanced endoscopy has further been optimized by the use of new camera technologies. All these factors have favorably impacted the evolution of the endoscopy equipment market.

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Advanced Image Sensors and Miniaturized Camera to Lead Technological Advancements

A promising technology development is miniaturizing digital camera in endoscopy equipment. The growing numbers of minimally invasive surgery has bolstered the demands. Incorporation of high-performance image sensors has improved the characterization of endoscopy equipment. Over the past few years, endoscopy equipment has seen sizable uptake in patients in hospital settings in parts of several emerging economies of the world. This is also boosting the prospect of the endoscopy equipment market.

 Rising adoption of single-incision surgery is also bolstering the prospects of the endoscopy equipment market. Moreover, the advent of robotics in surgery has opened new avenues in the market. Incorporation of inexpensive electronics will further help in wider commercialization in the next five years.

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In recent years, the demand for single-hole endoscopic surgery has paved innovations in endoscopy equipment. A case in point is advanced characterization of disposable wireless systems. A numbers of research has helped evaluated the fabrication of such systems in the endoscopy equipment market. Further, natural orifice surgery has propelled the need for novel technologies in endoscopy equipment. However, such devices are still to see clinical translation marked by the infeasibility of making endoscope disposable. Technological advances in endoscopic equipment are also driven due to the growing indications of the use of the apparatus as a bedside procedure in developed markets.

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