Industry focus on Increased Efficacy and Reduced Toxicity of Candidiasis Drugs unlocks New Prospects

The considerable drive for candidiasis drugs in the healthcare sector has been driven by the need for invigorating a largely antifungal pipeline. The lack of good, selective fungal targets and effective drugs for antifungal infections world over accounts for the vast unmet need in the worldwide patient population. Candidiasis, one of the most prevalent human fungal infections, is ridden with high mortality rates and morbidity. The need for effacacious antifungal drugs is the primary underpinning of the candidiasis drugs market.

Advances in novel anti-virulence approaches against candidiasis have opened new opportunities in the market. The global candidiasis drugs market is expected to grow from strength to strength, expected to be driven by constantly expanding antifungal drug development paradigm.

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Utilization of High Value Targets based on Disease Pathogenetics Expands Horizon

Several trends and factors underlie the rising prospects of the global candidiasis drugs market. The increasing of fungal infections characterized by life-threatening predisposing factors is a key factor propelling growth in the candidiasis drugs market. Some of the key factors are immunosuppressive therapy, aging, AIDS, and diabetes. Growing number of studies that shed light on pathogenetic processes help in the development of anti-virulence agents used in candidiasis drugs.

The candidiasis drugs market will make attractive strides in the near future, driven by researchers’ efforts to increase the efficacy of antifungal agents. This is also likely to improve the utilization of high value targets for the development of more effective candidiasis drugs. This will increasingly fuel in the market in the near future and create new avenues for market players to capitalize on.

In recent years, there has been substantial progress in diagnostic modalities for treating candidiasis, thereby expanding the prospects. Rising drug pipelines in developing and developed regions for the treatment of oral candidiasis is also catalyzing the expansion of the candidiasis drugs market. Furthermore, gradually changing focus of big drug makers on antibiotics with novel modes of action will open new horizons in the candidiasis market.

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